Dr Oz And African Mango

4 February 2012 | No Comments » | Admin

Dr Oz African Mango– how does it work on our body? Weight loss problems are very common with people of all ages, and people with weight loss problem blame the lifestyle they used to have – unhealthy diet plus lack of exercise while others also blame technology because it made people become lazy like there is no need to climb some five to ten steps stairs because of elevator. More so, the food that should give enough vitamins and energy for the day was added with preservatives making it not safe for their health. So where should you go if you have a problem with regards to your weight? If this is the case, then you have two choices – whether to lose weight with the help of science like liposuction or use a natural method says Dr.Oz.  Who is Dr Oz and why he is associated with African Mango?

He is a resident doctor of Oprah Winfrey’s show – a talk show that is quite famous in the world of television and is hosted by an Africa American Oprah Winfrey. Dr Oz firmly believes that fruits is the best and the most natural method of losing weight. And he repeatedly said his statement about fruits that it is already proven by many clinical studies. The studies suggest from his experiment in which he used African Mango and placebo as a main ingredients of weight loss. The result shows that there is a considerable amount of weight loss in a group who took African Mango as opposed to those who took the placebo. Since it is Dr Oz who introduces the benefits of Africa Mango and show the public how effective it is with addressing the problem of weight loss, the name later became Dr Oz African Mango. But what’s the difference between Dr Oz African Mango and the mangoes found in many tropical countries?

The Mango From Africa Is Natural And Amazing for Weight Loss!

Just like with other mango that grows in tropical countries, Dr Oz African Mango has the same taste and vitamin content. The native tree can be best found in the Western part of Africa specifically in Cameroon. Natives eat it like the rest of the fruit present in the place. This is without knowing some benefits that they can get from the seeds aside of course from the vitamins they acquire while eating the flesh of the fruit. Unlike other mangoes, an African Mango seed has more amazing properties. Of course, the seeds will not be eaten directly but will undergo some process and will be added with some other chemicals to make it more effective as a weight loss medicine. How do the seeds work in the body of those who take it and what are its effects?

As mentioned earlier, its main purpose is to help people lose some excess weight. It will lower the cholesterol because of its high fiber content. Blood glucose level will also be controlled which makes it very suitable for those people who are suffering from diabetes. It has also the ability to control the secretion of leptin – knows as the fat hormones. Thus, it means that the more leptin produce by your body, the more difficult to lose weight or in other words, the fewer the leptin, the greater the chance to achieve the desired weight. Though losing unwanted fat and maintaining your ideal weight is quite difficult, it is made easier with the help of Dr Oz African Mango natural weight control!

The average weight loss about 12.3 lbs in a span of less than one month. Of course, it will also make your body healthier with faster metabolism and reduce cholesterol in the process. No more worries about exercise or other diet programs because eating the African Mango alone can already allow you to reach your desired weight. If ever you can’t find any of the mangoes available in the market, then you can just settle on the mangoes available in your area. Anyways, what is most important is that a mango of different varieties has the same vitamins and fiber content as African Mango has.